All Ellena funeral transport vehicles are born from a deep know-how that combines technology and design to elaborate solutions that meet even the most specific needs.

It is in fact the collaboration with designers and the use of advanced design technologies that has allowed us, over the years, to produce absolutely unique funeral vehicles, starting from the first hearse based on a Maserati Ghibli, a real revolution for the sector.

The design phase is fundamental for us.

Ellena’s highly specialised team works through 3D prototyping and rendering systems of the vehicle, which is designed, tested and optimised in the smallest detail before it is built.

Made in Italy: engineering quality and unmistakable design

Each model is designed externally and internally through a distinctive approach, the same one that has made the Italian automotive industry recognised worldwide for its efficiency and style. Elegant and with personality, our funeral vehicles represent a tailor-made approach to Made in Italy, i.e. built to the customer’s personal taste.

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