For us, there is no standard solution. The desire to experiment, looking to the future and above all listening to the needs of each individual customer is what allows our vehicles to stand out on the market for their elegance and personality.

This is why Ellena has been setting new standards of quality and design in the sector internationally for years now, marking trends that are destined to last. We were the first, for example, to propose the innovative ivory-coloured hearses, and among the first to implement tinted windows to ensure privacy and bring out the unique lines of our vehicles.

Customise your funeral vehicle

We like to experiment with new colours, finishing processes and accessories to make a difference. Our customers can select from a wide range of personalised options and develop the most suitable solution together with our designers.

Details that make the difference

Our hearses are known all over the world for their exterior design, but that is not all. Ellena’s hearses boast tempered glass windows and top-quality leather interior fittings, which can be customised in terms of materials, colours and type of stitching.

Smooth, high-performance automations

Tempered glass floors for maximum resistance and technologically advanced, smooth and silent automations.

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